Sunnier Areas of USA (and Seattle) are Domestic Migration Magnets by urbanexus

Wendell Cox notes in a posting at New Geography, that the 2013 annual metropolitan area population estimates by the US Census Bureau show that between 2010 and 2013, 51% of the population increase in the 52 major metropolitan areas (over 1 million population) of the United States was in the South. The West accounted for 30% of the increase.  All but one of the  top ten metropolitan areas for domestic migration were in sunnier climates.  The exception was #9 -- Seattle. Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 6.57.48 AM


News for February 3, 2014 - Change to Weekly Updates by urbanexus

Please click here, or on the image to access the Land Use and Real Estate Weekly of February 3, 2014. Going forward, I will shift to weekly publication of  my aggregation of Land Use and Real Estate news articles gleaned from the Internet.  I am converting to weekly updates because there is insufficient material for daily updates. When I come across something of major significance in between the weekly updates, I will share it right away. Please send comments or suggestions via email to pike@urbanexus.com.

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News for February 1, 2014 - Name Change by urbanexus

Please click here, or on the image, to access the Land Use and Real Estate virtual newspaper for Saturday, February 1, 2014. Today, I am changing the name of this virtual newspaper to Land Use and Real Estate. I began with the former URBANEXUS name because  I was interested in all things urban.  I owned the name as a domain name and the fit seemed logical. I now realize that while the scope is broad, most of the articles that appear here focus on land use and various aspects of real estate development or redevelopment. The new name reflects more accurately what this virtual newspaper is about. That is my reasoning and I am sticking to it--for now.

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