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2009-07-29 - It's Taking a Year for Homebuilders to Find Buyers Those who seek a more nuanced perspective on the Case-Shiller housing data released in late July 2009, should check out Tom Iacono's assessment, published at seekingalpha.com as well as the Calculated Risk blog's perspective.[1] Also see what Barry Ritholz has to say--Big Picture Blog review of charts on new home sales . Finally, you might want to check out what “Sold at the Top” has posted  at Seeking Alpha, including  trend charts for seven metropolitan areas .[2]


[1] For background on Calculated Risk see this brief Wikipedia article at  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calculated_Risk

[2] “Sold at the Top” is the pseudonym for an independent software consultant who maintains a blog at www.papereconomy.com