A New Year's Resolution / by urbanexus

I have heard that if you announce a resolution, there is a greater chance that you will stick with it. So, please bear with this attempt at exercising that principle.

One of my resolutions for 2016, is to return to using the blogging feature of my website and to post fewer links to articles via Twitter. My rationale is that if I think an article warrants attention, I ought to make at least a brief statement on why I think that is the case. My hope is that the discipline of doing this will cause me to read and reflect more carefully.

I will continue to post photographs that I take via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, because I enjoy sharing them as widely as possible. But my Facebook friends, many of who are not interested in land use and real estate, will no longer see postings on those topics. 

I hope my Twitter friend @PierreAGERON will understand that while I will no longer repost most of his Twitter posts, I still want to see them. When I have something to pay about one of the articles that he posts, I will do so via this blog.

Happy New Year!

H. Pike Oliver