Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation / by urbanexus

The occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon that began on January 2, 2016, is over. It ended on Day 41--February 11, 2016. But understanding the significance of what transpired is just beginning. In an attempt to preserve a record of the sequence of events and efforts to interpret the occupation while it was underway, here are selected documents, news articles and videos from December 31, 2015 through February 11, 2016.

ENVIRO  2015-12-31  Malheur  Hammond-Affidavit by William Joseph Good

ENVIRO  2016-01-03  Malheur  Full Story About What’s Going on In Oregon – “Militia” Take Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Protest to Hammond Family Persecution… | The Last Refuge

ENVIRO  2016-01-04  Malheur  Antigovernment militia groups grew by more than one-third in last year (SPLC).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-04  Malheur  Feds choose to wait out armed Oregon protest  (SEATIMES  Johnson et al).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-04  Malheur  Oregon standoff/ Armed protesters, political reaction and #YallQaeda (MSNBC  Dokoupil).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-04  Malheur  Why Federal Lands Are So Wildly Controversial in the West  (NG  Howard).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-04  Malheur occupation, explained  (HCN  Wiles).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-04  Malheur  Oregon refuge occupied by Bundy is one of the first wildlife sanctuaries in the U.S (WP).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-05  Malheur  Forty years of Sagebrush Rebellion (HCN)

ENVIRO  2016-01-06  Malheur  How we would cover the Oregon siege if it were in another country.pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-06  Malheur  In Oregon, Myth Mixes With Anger (NYTIMES  Langston).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-06  Malheur  Oregon standoff/ Ammon Bundy makes radical pledge as FBI mulls next move |(MSNBC  Dokoupil and Novogrod)

ENVIRO  2016-01-06  Malheur  Why the Government Owns So Much Land in the West (NYTIMES  Bui and Sanger-Katz).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-07  Malheur  Oregon militants/ Death threats from ranchers reported years before standoff (ORLIVE)

ENVIRO  2016-01-07  Malheur  Residents near Oregon standoff like militants' message, but still want them to leave (ORLIVE).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-09  Malheur Refuge protest leaders turn away armed volunteers from Northwest

ENVIRO  2016-01-10  Malheur  79-Year-Old Bird Watcher Takes Down Oregon Militant With Old High School Wrestling Move  (LAPINE).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-10  Malheur  Occupied refuge known for listening to ranchers  (SEATIMES  Bernton)

ENVIRO  2016-01-11  Malheur  Who's who inside and on the outskirts of the Malheur occupation  (HCN  Wiles and Thompson).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-15  Malheur  Police say man arrested in vehicle stolen from refuge  (WP  Ridler)

ENVIRO  2016-01-18  Malheur  Rural Oregon’s Lost Prosperity Gives Standoff a Distressed Backdrop -

ENVIRO  2016-01-20  Malheur  Standoff on Oregon Land Inspires a Counterprotest -

ENVIRO  2016-01-23  Malheur  Opposing Factions Take to Facebook in Oregon Wildlife Refuge Dispute -

ENVIRO  2016-01-26  Malheur  In Oregon siege, troubling signs of a movement on the offensive (WP)

ENVIRO  2016-01-26  Malheur  Oregon standoff spokesman Robert 'LaVoy' Finicum killed, Bundys in custody after shooting near Burns |

ENVIRO  2016-01-27  Malheur  Ammon Bundy and 7 Oregon Protesters Held; LaVoy Finicum Is Reported Dead -

ENVIRO  2016-01-27  Malheur  Ammon Bundy And 7 Other Militants Arrested; 1 Killed Near Oregon Refuge / The Two-Way / NPR.pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-27  Malheur  Criminal Complaint  to U US District Court (FBI  Armstrong)

ENVIRO  2016-01-27  Malheur  First Ruby Ridge and Waco — now Burns’- Militant leaders issue warning after LaVoy Finicum’s death  (RS  Gupta).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-27  Malheur  National Wildlife Refuge Occupation/ A Reference Guide . News | OPB

ENVIRO  2016-01-27  Malheur  Occupation In Eastern Oregon- Day 25 . News | OPB.pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-28  Malheur  FBI releases video footage of LaVoy Finicum shooting  (OREGONIAN  House)

ENVIRO  2016-01-28  Malheur  FBI releases video of Oregon occupier's fatal shooting by state police (LATIMES).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-29  Malheur  Social media posts key to case against occupiers; Bundy makes 2nd court appearance Friday  (KATU)

ENVIRO  2016-01-29  Malheur  Standoff Puts Science in the Crosshairs  (SA Zorich).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-30  Malheur  Bundy occupation leaves scars behind  (ORLIVE  Zaitz).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-01-30  Malheur  LaVoy Finicum Was Not Murdered. He Forced Oregon Police To Shoot Him  (BEARINGARMS  Owens)

ENVIRO  2016-01-31  Malheur  Occupiers, heated rhetoric leaving scars in rural Oregon  (SEATIMES  Bernton)

ENVIRO  2016-02-01  Malheur  Oregon Standoff Uncertainty Builds After Last Occupants Fall Silent  (OREGONIAN  Young)|

ENVIRO  2016-02-01  Malheur  Pete Santilli, ordered held, will challenge ruling before another judge Tuesday (OREGONIAN  Bernstein)

ENVIRO  2016-02-01  Malheur  Statement by Judge Steve Grasty.jpg

ENVIRO  2016-02-02  Malheur  David Fry is the Last Fan Standing in the Malheur  (WW)

ENVIRO  2016-02-03  Malheur  Federal Grand Jury Indictment.pdf

ENVIRO  2016-02-04  Malheur  Anti-Government Extremist Violence and Plots  (FORBES  McNabb)

ENVIRO  2016-02-04  Malheur  Federal grand jury indicts 16 people in Malheur refuge takeover  (OREGONIAN  Bernstein).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-02-04  Malheur  Grand jury indicts 16 people for Oregon refuge occupation, including four holdouts still there  (WP  Berman and Sottile)

ENVIRO  2016-02-04  Malheur  Indicted Defendants.jpg

ENVIRO  2016-02-05  Malheur  Ethical Questions Surround Ammon Bundy’s Legal Team, Strategy  (OPB  Sepulvado et al)

ENVIRO  2016-02-05  Malheur  Mourners Gather For 'LaVoy' Finicum's Funeral  (OPB  Templeton et al).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-02-07  Malheur  Videos Posted by Occupier.docx

ENVIRO  2016-02-08  Malheur  Refuge occupiers post video; Bundy seeks jail vistors  (KTVZ  Moore).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-02-09  Malheur  Four charts that show how public land is good for rural areas  (HCN  Langlois)

ENVIRO  2016-02-10  Malheur   Refuge Occupation Day 40/ 4 Things To Know  (OPB  Vance).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-02-11  Malheur  How Refuge Occupation Could Fuel Land Privatization Movement (OPB  Sepulvado).pdf

ENVIRO  2016-02-11  Malheur  Michele Fiore, the gun-toting, calendar-posing politician who negotiated the Ore. occupiers’ surrender  (WP  Miller)

ENVIRO  2016-02-11  Malheur  Oregon Public Broadcasting Twitter Feed During Last Hours of Standoff.docx

ENVIRO  2016-02-11  Malheur  National Wildlife Refuge Occupation Ends  (OPB  Wilson and Rosman)

ENVIRO  2016-02-11  Malheur  Analyst/ FBI let Malheur militants save face to end occupation (HCN  Shogren)

ENVIRO  2016-02-11  Oregon Standoff Ends in Time to Prepare Malheur Refuge for Avian Occupiers  (NYTIMES  Revkin)

ENVIRO  2016-02-11  Malheur  FBI Press Release on End of Occupation.pdf