Julius Shulman, photographer of modernist architecture (1910 - 2009) / by urbanexus

195X-xx-xx - Case Study House #22 - Photographed by Julius ShuolmanJulius Shulman, the great photographer of modernist architecture, died on July 15, 2009, at age 98. This photograph of house No. 22 in John Entenza's Arts & Architecture magazine's Case Study housing program is probably the most famous of the thousands of images that Shulman created. The house was designed by architect Pierre Koenig in the 1950s and is perched in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles above Laurel Canyon Boulevard.  The photograph was taken as the sun was setting on May 9, 1960. The Los Angeles Times has posted a video of  Julius Shulman talking about how he shot Case Study House #22 and 22 slides of Shulman and his work. See Christopher Hawthorne's  comments on Julius Shulman . Hawthorne is the architectural critic for the LosAngeles Times.  The following video was prepared by Los Angeles public television station KCET a few years ago.  Shulman discusses how he included people in his architectural photographs. It is just shy of nine minutes long.  There is also a short  video at Dwell Magazine's website and the Modern Phoenix Neighborhood Network has posted a brief video and description of Julius Shulman's work in Arizona . Fast Company Magazine has posted a slide show tribute to this master photographer and the staff of Design Within Reach has posted several stories about Julius Shulman .